Ninja Reflex

Random Saturday – It’s Super Effective!

This is random Saturday where we present you with a random picture and your goal is to give it a funny caption or title. So would you kindly give this picture a caption? Find out what last weeks title was after the break.

NYCC: Infendo Ninja on the Scene

Ninja Town creator Shawn Smith witnessed an Infendo Ninja on the scene at New York Comic Con. He was amazed by the grace and speed of the ninja and decdided to draw an almost accurate rendition of him. Infendo Ninjas are everywhere so be careful; have you seen or met an Infendo Ninja in real life? [ Special Thanks to Shawn for the Image ]

Ninja Reflex download looks better, is loads cheaper than Wii version

Ninja Reflex, which I own for Wii, is a shallow experience not worth the $40 asking price. It’s fun in very small doses and boasts slick presentation, but it should have never been sold for more than $20. Especially since you can now get a better looking PC download on Steam for a mere $8.95. Dumb. This should have been a $15 WiiWare game, EA. (Oh, and nice Gordon Freeman glasses, sensei.)

Review: Ninja Reflex an attractive, challenging party game

[youtube][/youtube] The Pittsburgh Tribune critiques the $30 mini-game in shallow but promising fashion. For a title that’s essentially a collection of party games, developer Nunchuck Games obviously put an emphasis on quality graphics… Despite the supremely aggravating control glitches in Katana and sensei’s repetitive intros — Ninja R...