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Wario Ware is just great gaming, Strongbad style. I’ve only played the original GBA version, and wanted to see what you thought of the others: Twisted, Touched, and the GC version. Which is the best out of all four? How do they stack up against each other? You decide.

Who knows, maybe Strongbad himself will cast a vote…


  1. I’ve only played the GC version and my girlfriend has Touched! Hmm, I prefer the GC version because the multiplayer is really, really fun. At least we have fun with it. Since those were the only two i’ve played thats all I can comment on. But I do have a blast with Touched!

    Kudos on the site, by the way. I visit it frequently, it’s a well done Nintendo Blog. Keep it up, I enjoy visiting it.

  2. I only know Touched!, but I think that GC multiplayer is a definite plus…
    But Touched! has nice “multiplayer” options too 😀 Just handing the DS around….
    Some girls at school played with just one toy (the “How-much-air-is-in-your-lunges-thingy”) for more than half an hour 😀 I wanted to play some Zalda: The Minish Cap, but I didn’t get my DS back till I had to go…. 🙁

  3. How dare you! You have made a mockery out of me! You made me say something, that I never said! But then again, I have made fun of alot of people, too. But it all comes down to Strongsad.

  4. Twisted is awesome

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