Revolution- In May??

Since the Revolution was shown off this past May, there’s been a lot of chatter about it’s release. When? How much? Nintendo has given us very little to base our predictions off of.

Today, though, I came upon some exciting information. My mom runs the Customer Service department at the local Target. She know the local Nintendo representative (brings in new demos, sets up Nintendo products…an actual NOA employee) pretty well. Today, the rep came into the store, doing some last minute Christmas shopping. According to the rep, the Revolution will be released in May next year. She was described as saying this in a “real quiet” voice.

Now, I’m certainly not claiming this to be 100% true. The source is reliable, being an NOA employee, and has given some accurate tidbits of info in the past. However, I think it’s worth considering. If Nintendo were to show off some of the Revolution features in early May, then follow up quickly with a release, while it was still being hyped, it could set up for a great launch.

Would May be a good move for Nintendo? Could we possibly see this?