Wii predictions for 2007

First there were the infamous IGN DS predictions, and now we have some Wii ones as well. Matt C, you crazy kid, take ’em away:

  • New Wii System Colors Launch
  • Metroid Prime 3’s Late Arrival (Fall)
  • Wireless Attachments (1rst Party, no more nunchuck cord)
  • Lots of Exercising (First Brain Age, now the Wii)
  • Back From the Dead Franchises (???)
  • The Return of Pikmin (GC revival?)
  • Massive Developer Outreach; Launch of Original VC Games (probably my personal favorite. This is where Nintendo hopefully says see ya to publishers and invites the developers directly into the VC fold. It’s the Long Tail baby!)
  • Third Parties Reinvent Mii Faces (Resident Miivil?)
  • Wii Takes Japan (No PS3 titles + 360 slump continues = Wii wins Japan in ’07)
  • Nintendo Holds Strong at Number Two Globally (a safe bet to make)

Who else wants to make one?