I’m Mr. Brightside

img2.jpgAs previously spammed, my first column for Crispy Gamer just went live: On the Bright Side: An Introduction. Here’s an excerpt.

In 2007, a fictional food critic by the name of Antone Ego aptly described mass media and its audience when he wrote: “We thrive on negative criticism, which is fun to write and to read.” Ego’s definition couldn’t have been wiser. Indeed, positive news has long since taken a backseat to negative reporting, with the former often compressed to a 20-second closing spot in a 30-minute telecast. The same is true of videogames, if not by more… Continue reading

I’m supposed to highlight “gaming benevolence and creative development twice monthly.” Got any ideas you’d like to see covered? What’s Nintendo doing in terms of gaming benevolence and creative development outside of the obvious?