Artist gives dazzling new look to classic games


The Mushroom Kingdom has never looked so beautiful.

On his deviantART profile, digital artist Mikaël Aguirre has posted stunning renditions of scenes from gaming’s classic masterpieces.

Collectors and gaming enthusiasts may be pleased to know Aguirre works for commission, and he does characters of the buyer’s choice. His prices range from 30 to 70 Euros, depending on the piece.

More examples of his outstanding work are below. To view his entire gallery and his contact information, check his deviantART profile.

Milky Sky (Super Mario World, SNES)

Yoshi’s Playground (Yoshi’s Island, SNES)

Night Encounter (Super Metroid, SNES)

City Borders (Mega Man, NES)

Green Hill Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog, GEN)

Kudos to The Gamer Limit for the great find.


  1. That would be so cool if Nintendo made a side scrolling game in high def graphics. I think Metroid one looks possible

  2. I already have the Super Metroid one as my desktop wallpaper. Really awesome artwork.

  3. I hope something like this will happen one day, it all looks so beautiful! But City Borders is actually Mega Man X for the SNES!

  4. A ‘new super mario bros wii’ game looking like that first piece would make me moist.

  5. i remem some1 posting one of thee pics b4 on here
    these still look great

  6. I think the Yoshi’s Island game actually looks worse here. Do do it properly, I kinda think you need to make a big thick scrawled line drawing and the get a 6 year old to fill it in with a box of crayolas.

  7. Are those games for sale yet???

    I would buy those games RIGHT NOW if I could. I love the update he’s given them. They look like they’re playable right now on Wii Ware. Nintendo, do yourselves a favor and hire this guy for Wii Wre ports of classics into modernday… PLEASE!!! All of us would be eternally grateful.

    After checking out his page, my favorite is the Link to the Past one he did. It looks playable right now. I’d love to see that in motion. But I can’t, it’s only a picture 🙁

  8. Sorry to be a butt, but he can sell paintings featuring a company’s copyrighted characters and worlds without any trouble?

    That’s said, the art is absolutely awesome!

  9. @ Brian: Lots of artists sell unauthorized prints and commissions of copyrighted characters. It’s very common, so much so that I think it would be more trouble for companies like Nintendo or Capcom to try and stop it from happening than for them to simply ignore it most of the time. Personally, I don’t look down on it. If someone wants me to do a fanart commission, I’ll do it. I need the money. Does that make it right or technically legal? I consider that a gray area.

    Anyway, I’m glad you featured this guy’s artwork, Derek! I was looking for a great wallpaper, and I added him to my DeviantART watchlist immediately. Very awesome stuff!

  10. good gawd i’d love to play those games

  11. You really should have posted the Zelda one as well… It’s just… wow…

  12. Indeed, copyright infringement wouldn’t be as big of a deal if he actually drew it all from scratch but if you look closely, most of those are pre-existing sprites or art pieces drawn over to the style being used. Not exactly original, not entirely talented, but not without merit because the style is so pretty and makes one want for a game that looked like it.

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