Artist gives dazzling new look to classic games

The Mushroom Kingdom has never looked so beautiful.

On his deviantART profile, digital artist Mikaël Aguirre has posted stunning renditions of scenes from gaming’s classic masterpieces.

Collectors and gaming enthusiasts may be pleased to know Aguirre works for commission, and he does characters of the buyer’s choice. His prices range from 30 to 70 Euros, depending on the piece.

More examples of his outstanding work are below. To view his entire gallery and his contact information, check his deviantART profile.

Milky Sky (Super Mario World, SNES)

Yoshi’s Playground (Yoshi’s Island, SNES)

Night Encounter (Super Metroid, SNES)

City Borders (Mega Man, NES)

Green Hill Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog, GEN)

Kudos to The Gamer Limit for the great find.