Are you buying Mario Sports Mix on Sunday?


Either way, I’ll share my impressions of the game on tomorrow’s edition of Infendo Radio.


  1. Apparently it takes ages for the game to gt hard and you have to unlock stuff over and over again… Sooooooo, no. (And I live in the UK, soooooooo, no.)

  2. I originally wanted it when I first saw the trailer whenever they first made mention but I’m thinking now that with so many sports on a disc, each sport probably didn’t get the depth of gameplay that I would be looking for. Its definitely something I will want to play before I purchase.

    And where is my mario golf wii?? Better yet make it for the 3ds because I would scoop that up in a heartbeat.

  3. i wasnt but i think i will now

  4. ONLY 4 sports!?!? is this guy serious! he thinks having 4 sports in one game is bad!? most mario sports games have 1 sport! this has 4 and he is complaining?!?!

  5. No. Looks stupid

  6. Isn’t there something else, sports-related, happening on Sunday? Seems like a bad day to release.

  7. no sunday i will be watching the superbowl and i will be playing dead space 2 and 999 until killzone 3 launches later this month

  8. @yellow bear

    Were you referring to me? I am certainly not complaining about the value of many sports on one disc, I am questioning the man hours put into each sport due to it all being on one disc compared to everyone working on one in depth. I can only imagine each game is cut short of its full potential due to size, time, and money constraints whereas if it was only one sport it would be in depth like strikers, golf etc

  9. @ghettoska

    no no i was referring at 5:43 the video said the down side is there is only 4 sports. sorry about the confusion

  10. And i agree with you on how all of these sports might not be reaching their full potential

  11. No not now, I’m going to wait for your impression about the game, and I need to think well before getting a Mario sport game.

  12. Yes looks really fun. I was a big fan of Mario hoops 3 on 3 DS.

  13. actually Mario Sports Mix comes out on Monday…