Revolution: No HD

Apparently, Ninny has decided not to include HD with Revolution. While this isn’t a huge shock, I’m left wondering. Do you think it’s a big deal? I don’t think it’s mission critical, but it would have been a nice feature.

Nintendo is claiming that adding HD will add to developer and consumers cost. That may be the case but I wonder if that’s more PR spin than accurate data. What do you think? Will leaving out HD hurt the console’s chances of success?


  1. I think it WILL hurt…the problem is that both PS3 and 360 have it and the average gamer will want it. It’s like the GHz PR stuff, if the PR says it’s a main feature, it is a main feature.

    I don’t care about HD anyway because I won’t be able to afford a HD TV till I finish college.

    It’s not like I know a lot about this stuff, but I think both the console and games are going to be cheaper because of this and that’s always great….

  2. I don’t have an HD TV. Really, that’s the only question that matters.

  3. I doubt anyone is going to care, really. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if the best graphics win, Xbox would be number 1.

    You also have to remember that the Rev is going to be released outside of the US, and I haven’t seen anyone talking about HD TV in my country, Australia, the UK, or any other European country. And those countries buy about the same number of Nintendo consoles as the US when combined. The US has something like a 5% HDTV market share right now, so let’s do some maths:

    Outside of Japan, the US counts for 50% of Nintendo console sales.
    5% of the US has HDTVs right now.
    Double that (ie, increase it by 5%) every year until the Rev is released and then until the end of the Rev’s life, and you get:
    1+5 = 6 years
    6*5 = 30%
    US accounts for 50% of the market, so 15% of gamers outside of Japan might care.

    And then there’s Japan, one of Nintendo’s biggest markets. The same market that is buying more DSs than PSPs and PS2s combined right now thanks to Nintendogs, that Brain Training game and soon, Electroplankton.

    Don’t think Nintendo haven’t thought about all of this. They know what they’re doing.

  4. HDtv cost alot so i dont think it would hurt nintendo at all

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