Nintendo’s Apology Letter Translated

FIREEMBLEM54 posted about a recent problem with a DS shortage in Japan and linked to an apology letter on Nintendo’s Japanese webpage. Unfortunately for some readers the page was in Japanese, but that’s where I gleefully come in! Here’s the first of many translations for Infendo!

Apology for running out of stock on “Nintendo DS”
We would like to, with great sincerity, thank our faithful customers for their patronage.
As one year ends and another begins, our company’s game system, the Nintendo DS, due to an unforeseen forecast of demand, began to run out of stock, and we apologize sincerely to all our customers and everyone working in stores for the difficulty.
Our company has changed our shipping procedure to air mail, which will work to slightly increase the speed at which our products are delivered to stores. This way, products will be shipping every week, and supply will increase around the end of January as well. For a while, we ask you very humbly to bear with us.

Original Japanese Source Page