Gonna’ be a Wiitar Hero

wiitar.jpgI read an article on Kotaku that said Gaming-age had an article with details on Guitar Hero III controllers, with the Wii one pictured. All though the article mainly details Activision’s partnership with Gibson to include a larger collection of authentic Gibson guitars in the game, there is in fact a photo of the Guitar Hero Wii Controller, which looks to me to be modeled after the Gibson Les Paul, and not the SG, this time around.
What’s interesting from the looks of this picture is that unlike the similarly designed XBox 360and PS3 guitars, the wiitar appears to ditch it’s inner gyroscope for a wiimote insert. Also, the XBox and PS3 models both have two buttons in the corner where the wiitar has a nunchuck-like analog stick instead. Sadly details about this functionality are absent from the gaming-age article and the official Guitar Hero site doesn’t have any GHIII details at all. Looks like we’ll just have to sit on this one for a bit, possibly playing the upcoming Gutiar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80’s in the meantime.