Metroid Prime the front runner for “most memorable” video game menu ever

Well, it is according to the savvy NeoGAF community. And you know what, I’d agree with them. Since its release in 2002, I haven’t eased into a game world better than with Metroid Prime’s title screen music and menu. Awesome sauce.

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  1. Ptolemy says:

    Got my vote. The lack of that opening is the one knock I have against the Trilogy. Well, that and the removal of the original Metroid as an unlock, but I’ve got other versions of that. But yeah, gregorian chants and alien biology, so good.

  2. babble says:

    Got my vote also, hands down.

    I use to own a small video game shop and Metroid Prime was my most featured game on demo. People not interested in video games would stop and have a look mostly because of the great intro music first and then the amazing graphic design.

  3. Lance says:

    I haven’t heard this in so long! I loved Metroid Prime, it was easily one of the best Gamecube, and Metroid games ever.

  4. deepthought says:

    wow i never knew there was an award for that….

    but in that case i have to nominate zelda ii

    the sword in the stone, the mountain, the text background, the zelda theme suggesting massive epicness….

    i also would vote zelda ii for best game over screen ever: GANON’S RETURN!!!!

  5. Metal_Link says:

    This title theme would be my theme song if theme songs could be played upon entering any and all rooms.

    Still got chills from it, and I really missed it on Trilogy. Metroid Prime (and Wind Waker) made owning a GameCube totally worthwhile.

  6. Andrew G. says:

    I think most of the Metroid games have really strong title screens. The “Super Metroid” title screen is still very unsettling and ominous to me.

    But yes, Prime has the best of them all.

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