Metroid Prime

Dark Samus Joins The Fray!

Dark Samus joins Smash following the hype built up from the Metroid Prime 4 announcement in the form of a new echo fighter!

Video: Really Freakin’ Clever – Metroid Prime

[youtube][/youtube] Joshua M. has posted a new video looking back at the Space Pirate Frigate prologue to Metroid Prime. In the video, we are taken aback to how Prime 1’s prologue level was an inventive and subtle way to teach the player the rules and controls as they become, in essence, Samus Aran. At eight minutes long, the video may not sur...

Metroid Prime 10th Anniversary Retrospective

[youtube][/youtube] November 17, 2012, will mark the 10th anniversary of the release of Metroid Prime on the Nintendo Gamecube. It is in this editorial that we’ll look back at the game’s development history and legacy. Every console generation, there comes a game that is remembered for its expansive and addictive gameplay, critical praise, or place i...

Metroid Prime the front runner for “most memorable” video game menu ever

[youtube][/youtube] Well, it is according to the savvy NeoGAF community. And you know what, I’d agree with them. Since its release in 2002, I haven’t eased into a game world better than with Metroid Prime’s title screen music and menu. Awesome sauce.