Apple to use Intel not PowerPC chips

What does that have to do with Nintendo you may ask? A lot. Nintendo’s last and next generation consoles both use the IBM PowerPC processing chip. Granted, this news won’t cause an uproar in the gaming processor industry, but Apple is reporting that a main reason for the switch is the chip’s inability to keep up with Intel and AMD chips.

Again, gaming is about gaming not technology, but it will be interesting to see how this news will effect, if at all, the buzz perceived with the upcoming Revolution launch. What do you think?


  1. Sooo the next-gen systems are the only big PPC systems in the near future ?
    IBM was VERY lucky Sony, MS and Nintendo use PPCs now….

    I don’t think the impact on the current next-gen won’t be that big, but the next next-gen systems….
    If what Apple says is true, I think consoles are going to run on Athlons or Pentiums too or IBM will surprise us all 😀

  2. IMB have pretty much screwed Apple over when they failed to deliver a 3GHz G5 processor for them last year.
    Seeing how Motorola and IBM have both screw Apple over with their failer to keep up with Intel and AMD, it seems Apple wanted to shake hands with the devil.
    What it means for next generation consoles I dunno, seems IBM will not be feeling too much loss due to their 3 other clients.

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