DS Outsells Sony PSP and PS2 Combined!

According to N-Gage Gaming of all places, not only is the DS outselling the PSP in Japan, but the PSP and PS2 combined. I guess it did better than both systems over the duration of one week. Impressive stuff, but it will be interesting to find out US figures. As we all know, American and Japanese gaming are different beasts altogether. How do you think it’s doing here in the states?


  1. I think it sold at least as much as the PSP, but PSP and PS2 combined ? NO way….but then….Americans don’t buy a third PS2 for their dog like the Japanese do 😉 just kidding 😀

  2. Huzzah DS!

    I find it riduclously interesting that the number one selling ‘game’ in Japan is an education trivia title. For the DS. Number one across all platforms. I mean…wtf?

  3. I’m sorry but the reason why the ds is doing better then that crapy psp is because okk wow the psp graphics are great and it can play movies..but its so old now now people want innovative games that make u feel like ur part of the game not some cheesy low battery life psp.. its the game gear all over again..lol u just wait.. nintendo knows how to make games and knows the portable market..unlike sony …sony just thinks that better graphics and adult language is gonna win.. please.. after i played the ds and bought it id rather play a system where i can interact not react..lol wait till it goes online.. u’ll see nintendo rule the market.. so lol keep hoping the psp wins..cause in the end the ds will… geez u guys are so a tool for sony.. my e-mail address is zeldacube2003@yahoo.com lol send a remark lol..it should be funny

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