Micro Skins + Nice New Pic

Behold, the goodness that is… more micro pics. While I think the GameBoy micro was an excellent business move by Nintendo to steal thunder from the PSP at E3, I think I’ll stick with my trusty SP. Are any of you going to buy one come this November? If so, why?

(Tiny hardware deserve tiny pics)


  1. Don’t have a GBA or SP so will certainly consider this. Saw a few pics/e3 movie of micro and it looks well slick!

    Having a wide form-factor, like the DS, (rather than SP’s virtually square design) makes it much more comfortable to hold despite the dimunitive design.

    Although a 2″ screen is pushing the bounds of usability, you can see from the vid/pics that the screen looks fantastic – the graphics are bright and vivid and the text crisp and sharp. For 2D GBA games, I think it will be perfectly acceptable.

    Compare this with the reflective/dark GBA screen and the crude front-light of the SP which gives off a strange blue glow.

    So yeah, even though I have a DS, will almost certainly go for this too. You can tell from the metal chassis of the micro that it’s one well-built handheld (like all Nintendo handhelds) but really slick with it too.

  2. I too have no GBA or SP but a DS…

    I’m probably buying one on day 1.
    I’ll buy it because:
    1. It really IS portable.
    2. It’s bundled with the Play-Yan and I want one of those (I think it is like 50€ and if the GBM is 100€ (same as SP atm) it’s just 50 for the GBM sooo pretty cheap :D)
    3. It looks REALLY sexy 😉 Want another faceplate though

  3. If it comes bundled with the PlayYan, I’ll buy one, plus a rather large SD card, and thus avoid buying an iPod shuffle.
    Otherwise, I’ll stick with my current GBA SP.

  4. I like the faceplates

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