State of Games

In the August issue of EGM, the magazine has an article on the GameCube’s upcoming releases. The way the article reads, they make it sound like the Cube is the only console with a shortage of games during this it’s last year. I didn’t know it, but I guess the PS2 and Xbox are just bursting with great games right now (cough, cough). Isn’t a slow down always expected during a...

Why an Italian plumber?

I would be interested to know how Nintendo came up with the concept of an Italian plumber called Mario. I mean, really. How/why did they opt for that concept? Any insider information lingering out there?

Nintendo Won’t be at Tokyo Games Show?

According to the exhibitors list on the show’s website, Nintendo won’t be there. When will they show the goodness that is the Revolution with it’s accompanying controller? CVG is reporting that Nintendo does tend to skip this show to host it’s own event later in the summer, so hopefully they’ll show the final system and controller then. Still, we’re dying here&#...

Japanese ? (love) the DS

The Nintendo DS rocked the Japanese video game hardware market again in June. It surpassed PS2 sales by 120,000 units making it by far the best selling system over there. That makes three months in a row that the DS has led Japanese hardware sales. It will be interesting to see the US numbers for June.[Source: MSN Japan]

Microsoft developing for Nintendo DS

According to Gamespot, Microsoft (via Rare) are developing dowloadable games for the DS. Apparently there are listings on Rare’s UK site seeking DS developers. Fine by me. Didn’t Microsoft get their start in software after all?

Rev Controller = V Pocket?

I actually feel silly posting this cause it looks so ridiculous (we’re talking sharpy fake here). We received this image last night via email that puts an emphasis on the “v” in Revolution. It turns out that in December 2004 Nintendo did in fact register what they call “V Pocket”. Could the Revolution controller be the V pocket? If you got more info, let the commentin...

PSP Outselling DS in US

According to PSP World, the PSP shipped approximately 250,000 units in May compared to only 57,000 DS units in the same month. Combined with the GBA, Nintendo faired better than Sony, but hopefully that bundle action will pick up sales here stateside. It should be interesting to see if Nintendogs has the same effect here as it did in Japan.[Source: PSP World]

Dr. Mario, Cat Style

I just found this hilarious Dr. Mario rip off on Think Dr. Mario with cats and an ‘ol bag. Be sure to have your sound turned on for the full effect.Launch Now!

What GameCube Really Means

Next Generation online has just posted a rather critical article on the GameCube. While the article makes some valid points, I disagree when they say the GameCube didn’t innovate. They even say Wind Waker wasn’t a great game and called GTA3 the most creative game of the past generation?…. Uh…yeah. Mindlessly walking around shooting people and hooker power-ups just screams i...

Killer 7 Review

The boys over at IGN have reviewed Killer 7 and given it a score of 8.1. The basis for the lower rating is that the controls are very “radical.” They did say the game oozes with style and has a great story line though. Rated M for gore and sexual themes. Any other reviews out there?

Say it ain’t so…

Someone please tell me that the Revolution Logo Nintendo revealed at E3 was a prototype. This thing looks cheesy, thrown together, and cliche. I mean c’mon, a circular disc to symbolize a revolution? Can I get a witness?

Controller Mockup v. 167

Pick this one apart for us…