Bad Publicity

This can’t be good publicity for the PSP. It just goes to show the love people have for Nintendo games, even for the haters. Wired is reporting in an article released today about easy hacks for the PSP that allow users to play retro Nintendo games. (See images below) With all the good hardware found in the PSP, people still just want great games. Even if they are technologically challenged.

221 downloadable games

Shizzle is reporting via some Japanese magazine on 221 games that will be ready for download on the Revolution. No word as to if these are considered the FREE classics that Nintendo’s VP spoke of last week. See the list!

FREE trials galore!

I’m a big advocate for online rentals of games and DVD’s. I’m an even bigger advocate of FREE trials. Check out EZ comparison for all the online game rental companies that include 5 Free trials. That’s well over 10 free game rentals being that most of them let you rent 2 at a time. Be sure to check out the best Nintendo games that you might have missed.

Apple to use Intel not PowerPC chips

What does that have to do with Nintendo you may ask? A lot. Nintendo’s last and next generation consoles both use the IBM PowerPC processing chip. Granted, this news won’t cause an uproar in the gaming processor industry, but Apple is reporting that a main reason for the switch is the chip’s inability to keep up with Intel and AMD chips. Again, gaming is about gaming not technolo...

FREE classic Nintendo games on Revolution

This announcement just made my day! I wonder what Nintendo means by “classics” though? Is that just NES games, or does it include SNES, and N64? So basically, you’ll buy a Revolution, take it home, and start downloading classic games on TV. That in itself is worth the buy. What will be the first games you’ll download?

DS Out Selling PSP in Japan

Wow. It’s all because the insanely popular Nintendogs that due stateside this August. I don’t care if it is cliche, but great games move hardware, not great technology. Nintendo is the best game publisher of all time, and they are consistently proving that. As long as they create innovative, creative, and fun games, I believe their hardware business will do fine. Your thoughts are welc...

Great Games

When you think of great games that have been released for the Cube since it’s birth in 2001, what comes to mind? I remember when I first bought GCN at wally-world. There was a mini-line of uber game geeks waiting for the midnight release of the system. I purchased Rogue Squadron II and instantly feel in love with the system. As I think back over the past few years, several games come to mind...

Revolution Article

Not much new hear, but a good non-biased review on the upcoming Revolution and it’s overall strategy to compete in the next generation. The last paragraph is the best. Read Article

Megaman Rhapsody

A buddy just sent me this link. It’s a Megaman remake video of the Queen classic. It’s kinda long and redundant, but if you stay in it until the end, you will laugh your heart out during the last rocking part of the song. Here’s to all you classic NES and SNES Megaman lovas! Watch Movie

Controller Speculation

Check this out: all the blogs are a wild with the latest Revolution controller speculation. Apparently the most recent is some weird thought controlled input device. Highly unlikely given today’s current technologies, but if Nintendo pulled this rabbit out of their hat, the thing would be way more than a “Revolution.” It would be Nobel material…

News Speed

As if TV news couldn’t get any slower, I just got done watching a CNN report on violent video games while showing footage from the original Mortal Kombat and Wolfenstein 3D games. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s almost 13 years old! Some news… And when will we ever end this violent video game debate?

No Revolution Link Here

Am I the only one to notice the lack of a Revolution link on GameSpot’s website? I used to enjoy gamespot, but as of the last couple of years, it’s lacking and very “corporate.” Sure they have some exclusive content namely video, but thanks to blogs they tend to be a little late on the news front of things. Any thoughts on why both the 360 and PS3 got links but not the Revo...