No Revolution Link Here

Am I the only one to notice the lack of a Revolution link on GameSpot’s website? I used to enjoy gamespot, but as of the last couple of years, it’s lacking and very “corporate.” Sure they have some exclusive content namely video, but thanks to blogs they tend to be a little late on the news front of things.

Any thoughts on why both the 360 and PS3 got links but not the Revolution?


  1. I believe the reason they don’t have a Revolution section is because they are corporate, and in being corporate, they go for numbers. They may not care to divulge information until the Revolution is properly unveiled, as they are in a deal with Nintendo to provide network services of some sort. They could be worried about their editors letting information slip, or the deal with Nintendo may preclude them from reporting on the Revolution until Nintendo gives the exclusive all-clear.

  2. More likely it’s because they lack. The whole site has a general slant against Nintendo. Nintendo products are listed lower, etc.

    Maybe this is because their traffic numbers suggest that their users aren’t interested in Nintendo, but if that’s the case, I would suggest those are numbers of their own making. For instance, they are driving Nintendo fans away by lack of coverage (or less prominent coverage).

  3. It’s because Revolution isn’t an official name.

  4. No information or media has been released for the Revolution. We know of Super Smash Brothers Melee and Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles remakes.

    When information is released, I’m sure they will add the Revolution section.

  5. They do have one right .

  6. GameSpot love Sony, they really love it. They don’t have a Rev section cuz there are no screenshots, nor videos. It’s a good enought reason. Having 2 news articles is not enough.

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