E3 Early Thoughts

I was very pumped about E3 last Monday. On this the eve before the last day of the show, I want to believe that it has been an awesome E3. Only problem is, I don’t. Logic would have said: “Hey, three next gen systems are being unveiled with new games!” It totally should’ve been one of the best shows. Unveiling shows are always really exciting, right? I just didn’t feel it this time and here are some reasons as to why.

  1. Is the public really ready for the next round of consoles? I know manufacturers pockets are, but maybe the ol’ GameCube still has got some life to it. (Several of you have mentioned this). We just want some new, fun, innovative games. (think RE4)
  2. Lack of games. Was there really a ton of new games? I know there were a lot, but it seems like there should have been more though.
  3. No revolution controller shown. Come on Nintendo, you need to show that thing. I know you say that you don’t want competitors stealing your ideas, but it’s far too late in the game for them to do so.

There you have it. To be fair, I wasn’t at the show, so if you think otherwise, let me know. Hopefully, some really exciting news can come out tomorrow.


  1. I so completely agree with you that I put my pet dog on a diet this morning. With Microsoft’s MTV airing, this could be the beginning of a loss in public popularity of E3. Of course, since it’s a industry show, that might not be too bad of a thing.

  2. Yeah there seemed to be not as many games announced, or least I got that general feel. A couple of sequels, couple of games that will turn out all right, but a lot of the games announced you know will probably be turn out rubbish.

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