Great Games

When you think of great games that have been released for the Cube since it’s birth in 2001, what comes to mind? I remember when I first bought GCN at wally-world. There was a mini-line of uber game geeks waiting for the midnight release of the system. I purchased Rogue Squadron II and instantly feel in love with the system.

As I think back over the past few years, several games come to mind (in no particular order).

  • Wind Waker. Man you were a good game. You got harassed, that’s for sure, but you proved the skeptics (myself included) wrong. Incredibly fun and personable game.
  • Metroid Prime. Thank you Retro for one of the most refreshing games of the current generation.
  • Resident Evil. I actually got embarrassed as a 22 year old wanting to turn the light on while playing you. The jumping through the window dogs still give me the creeps.
  • Eternal Darkness. Really special and creative game. The insanity meter alone was worth it.
  • Mario Party 4. spawned my love for party games.
  • Bomberman Generation. Man did you mess with my accounting grade.
  • RE4. Even the wife liked this one. This is how all remakes should be done and will be the runner-up game of the year if the new Zelda is all it’s cracked up to be.
  • Mario Golf. Quick, easy, and fun.

What am I missing? What would be on your list?


  1. I would add the following:

    Ikaruga: The best vertically scrolling shooter on any console. Ever. An amazingly difficult, beautiful, simple and energetic game that draws you in, grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go. If you’re a hard core gamer, this is a game you’ll hold dear.

    Pikmin: Miyamoto originality at it’s best. There’s nothing else like it anywhere (except the sequel), and it’ll always raise the question “what’s that?” from anyone passing by the TV. Fun, great to look at and something you can play right through in a few hours. Perfect gaming.


    Super Mario Sunshine: People seemed to shun this one, but I found Sunshine to be a Mario classic. The water pack added a new spin on the franchise and the graphics and music were typically Mario. The mini levels of pure platforming were fantastic and the game made any Nintendophile worth their salt feel like they were “home”.

  2. Zelda:The Wind Waker-I’m just finishing this game off now. I haven’t had this much fun with a video game since Zelda III. Everytime I turn on the Game Cube to play I’m amazed that I get to control my own cartoon show 🙂 That’s what it feels like anyway. I really like this game.

    Metroid-When playing this game I turn my stereo on just to complete the full imersion into this game. The sound in this game is heart pounding.

    Metroid 2-I bought this game this week and have been having a blast with my husband competing with each other in Multiplayer.

    Sonic Collection-I never had a sega console but now I can play all the sonic games I want. It was worth the $20.

    Zelda Collection-I bought my Game Cube just to play Zelda so this was a must buy. I plan on trying to finish all the Zelda games before The Twilight Princess is released.

  3. i agree with all of those…but i’d like to throw in Warioware, Super Smash Bros Melee and Viewtiful Joe.

  4. I can’t believe it took three posts before Super Smash Bros. Melee got up there. It’s been on Nintendo Power’s top selling list for the Cube since it came out basically. I agree with most of the others mentioned above too.

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