No More Heroes: ‘You have never played anything like this before’

No More HeroesCVG gushes in its review:

“Violence, sex, things to see, things to collect, spectacular graphics and even better sound, a sense of humour, a sense of purpose, an insane logic running through every fibre – and enough swearing to get your telly banned by the BBFC. Killer7 creator Suda51 is back, all right…

“No More Heroes is always true to its own perverse logic – always proud to be a videogame, always stealing liberally from the best of other genres, always loud and obnoxious. The mishmash of visual styles, music and the world’s most flamboyant dialogue has no comparison to anything else; it’s impossible to put the game in a box, except to say that it is unquestionably, undeniably, unequivocally No More Heroes, and you have never played anything like this before… [this] will awe people.”