WiiWare service due in 2-3 months

Wii Ware in MarchJust when I thought I was getting a hold on the pile of video game paraphernalia I received over the holiday a Netherlands-based developer said today that the mysterious WiiWare download service will definitively arrive in “2-3 months.” My wallet quivered a little in fear at the news, but as it has been so many times in the past 12 months, it was overridden by my blind loyalty to video games and Nintendo. Silly wallet.

Anyway, according to Engine Software — but not Ninendo (which denied a specific launch date entirely) — WiiWare is slated to hit online-enabled Wii’s the world over in March. Engine also conveniently was able to announce its first WiiWare title, codenamed Project Bang!, which the developer said is “a casual game type with very addictive gameplay for one or two players.” Sounds pretty original. The title will also take advantage of the Wimote’s motion sensing capabilities. Getting warmer, and that’s much better that my planned WiiWare title idea: Commander Boring’s Adventure into Tax Town. It only uses the A button and avoids using images of any kind. And color.

Engine Software’s past titles include — are you sitting down? — a co-development credit on High Scool Musical: Livin’ The Dream (GBA) and The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: Circle of Spies (DS) with A2M and an assist on the Nintendo DS version of Puzzle Quest: Challenge (I’m thinking they probably picked out the colors).

Hmm, my wallet just got its confidence back. Still nice to see some WiiWare news out there though.