Update: Wii Internet Channel now free


The free, then un-free Wii Internet Channel is now free again, reports GameIndustry.biz. Those of you who didn’t download in time and were forced to pay the 500 Wii Point to get this oft-unused Wii Channel will have the option of downloading a free NES Virtual Console game come October. That is all.


  1. Whoa, I feel considerably less burned now that I read that whole post.
    Any chance it’ll get updates? I think that the browser needs ’em bad.
    HTML 5 anyone? Video tags? MP4 and h.264 playback? (OK, maybe the Wii doesn’t have the oomph for that last bit, my 933mhz PPC can barely play some h.264, but it would be nice) Flash? Nah, flash needs to disappear.

  2. Hmm, so I guess I’ll be getting another NES game. Hope they have the original Tetris up by then. They better have it up by then.

  3. Sadly, this must mean that Nintendo is really not going to upgrade the browser. Ever.

  4. They did update it tho, check your Wii, I got mine today it has a newer flash software (finally!)

    I’m glad that they’ll be giving us a game but I’d rather have the points to put towards another game… [i really want super star wars]

  5. I suddenly can’t connect to the wii shop channel. I guess there’s a high amount of traffic of people rushing to get the free internet channel?

  6. It’s also interesting to note there’s a free upgrade to a new version of the browser, which updates Flash to Flash Lite 3.1, which Nintendo says is equal to Flash 8.

    This blog is saying Flash is reporting itself as 9,1,122,0 or Flash 9. Apparently the only thing missing from full Flash 9 support is ActionScript 3.

    Hulu.com still doesn’t work from the Wii :/.

  7. I wonder if this is a step towards making the Wii Netflix streaming compatible?

  8. Hey guys, note that this update coincides with the realease of Opera 10, which I am now using to type this comment.

    The game is nice but I agree with WD3, I have 400 pts sittin’ there that would pair up nicely with another 500 for a new SNES download.