Nintendo Quiz

How will the Revolution perform during the next round of consoles?

   A. It will place second.
   B. It will do what it’s name implies: Revolutionize gaming.
   C. It will become the Apple Computer of consoles.
   D. It will fail and Nintendo will focus on game publishing.
   E. Other [Please explain]

(No cheating. Answers will be posted in the near future.)


  1. I hope B, but I think C is the right answer 😀

  2. Either B or C. B if the feature is so innovative that everyone wants it. C if not.

    I guess I completely agree with the previous comment.

  3. I think C. Now being a mac user myself I don’t see no shame in Nintendo becoming the Apple of the console world, in fact it would be more of an honour!

    All that Nintendo needs is:
    A) A really revolutionary piece of innovation
    B) A leader who is charismatic and preferably speaks good english and wears black turtle neck and jeans. (Reggie is a good start)

  4. Ign says B

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