Crash of the Titans is a decent (great kids) game

Sierra was kind enough to send us a few younger tyke games (thanks, Arne), Crash of the Titans on Wii chief among them. I haven’t had time to get my hands dirty due to the onslaught of other games in the queue, but I will say this: Crash of the Titans is a visually luscious action-adventurer with flashes of potential found within its simple but enjoyable gameplay. It also has some impressive voice acting. Ultimately, however, the title lacks the pizazz necessary to differentiate itself and does more for wetting my Mario Galaxy appetite than anything else. Still, kids and rabid Crash Bandicoot fans are sure to enjoy — unfortunately for me, I’m neither. Crash of the Titans is in stores now for Wii, DS, GBA, Xbox 360, PS2, and PSP. Anyone out there played the game?