Wii party invite: There can be only one two

I think I’ve been living in a cave the past six months. A cave stocked with Nintendo and Rockstar energy drinks, but a cave none-the-less. Why a cave? Because I had no idea what a “Wii Ambassador” was until a few weeks ago. It’s too bad, because I’d probably give an arm or a leg to Nintendo to become one after hearing what these chaps get to do (play the Wii before anyone else as a kind of live demo), and what they got as a gift (Black DS Lite a month in advance).

But, if you’re lucky, then perhaps you have what it takes to win Endangered Gamer’s contest. And join him Chicago for a Wii Party.

“i have a small announcement……. I’ll be having a contest for the final 2 invites for the Wii Party here in chicago. It’s not like i don’t have friends to invite, but i’ve gotten so many emails and requests on this blog and elsewhere that i figure i might as well give the chance for a Hardcore Nintendo Fanboy in Chicago to attend, and the only thing he or she will need to do is……….Prove beyond a shadow of a doubt to myself and 2 other friends of mine that he/she deserves to go. Now, I’m not going to accept cash, or anything in exchange for this opportunity, all i want is a show of love for Nintendo. it can be anything from costumes, to a awesome collection, song and dance, anything that says ” I want to go more than ANYONE else!!!!!” I won’t have any more time after today to check up on this site, but i’ll make my decision sometime 0n Friday September 8″

Go forth and represent Infendo. So it is written, and so it shall be done.