DS Lovin’

Starting June 12, the DS will ship with Mario 64 DS. Might be a good time to pick this badboy up in preparation for Nintendogs.

(Source: 4 color rebellion)


  1. Nintendogs… meh. I’m not a dog lover. The new Mario Bros. on the other hand… gimme some of that action. It’s the game I’ve been dreaming of for years, but I have to buy a new console to play it (a console I’ve so far resisted buying, despite my affection for Nintendo).

  2. Oh, this deal has me pulling out my pocket book… No, must resist. Can’t do it now.

  3. excellent…girlfriends birthday happens to be june 12th (gonna get her a DS…shes looking foward to nintendogs). i picked up a DS a few weeks ago and now im a sucker because of it. oh well, at least my lady will get something for free with it.

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