Perrin Kaplan IS Samus Aran

KaplanWell, that’s not quite true. Perrin Kaplan is merely Nintendo’s marketing guru (for now) and has a few tidbits to offer about Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

Kaplan via Cubed:

“…we still have a lot of our more traditional marketing efforts planned. People will see it all shortly, from ads to many of the usual tactics we use to support our key products. Plus: a few more surprises like the Metroid Prime 3 Preview. And no, I’m still not going to spoil the fun and tell you about it ahead of time!”

Cubed seems to think that means a demo, but I’m inclined to look back at my notes and recall that Kaplan is a frickin’ crazy person. Still, she just might be crazy like a fox in this case and a demo is forthcoming. It would make a hell of a lot of sense, but I’m cautiously optimistic given the fact that Nintendo is super secretive and rarely does anything it doesn’t deem necessary to its continued success.

Edit: Kaplan name change thanks to the jingle in the comment section 🙂


  1. a demo? for Europe maybe, isn’t MP3 due to be out in the US in 4 days?

  2. You know what? Call me crazy but i won´t like demos for this or other games, why? Well, i love being hyped for a game, and i find trailers more than convenient for that matter. When Twilight Princess first trailer came out i replayed it like a million times, when i finally got my hands in the game, i was so happy that the smile on my face won´t go until i turned off my Wii. I think that feeling could have been less impresive if i would have played that very first level in a demo.
    Well, just my point of view.

  3. Yeah, it’s a little late for a demo…..the game comes out next week. I think Perrin hatched from the same brood tank as Hillary Clinton. They’re both crazy and don’t know when to shut up. BTW, there should be two more videos available today on the preview channel. I’m at work……anyone else had the chance to see them?

  4. Yeah, but wasn’t the preview of Twilight Princess released like a year before TP launched??

    So, is the MP3 demo going to launch the same day as MP3?

  5. @me:

    I have thinked through a little more, and i guess some games i would like to try first such as Boogie, cause with today´s reviewers, you just don´t know anymore, it seems like they are always reviewing Wii games with it´s 360 counterpart in mind.


  6. Demos are cool and everything and while I’d love them for the VC, I personally try to avoid any spoiler type stuff prior to buying a game so even if there was a prime 3 demo I would avoid it. I would however use demos for questionable game that I’m not sure if I would like it or not. That being the case demos can be good or bad for developers. If someone doesn’t like the demo, they would lose a potential sale.

  7. You say Kalpan, I say Kaplan…
    Kalpan, Kaplan, Kalpan, Kaplan…

    /called the whole thing off

  8. Most Demos on XBox Live come out very close to release date of the actual game. Like the Bioshock demo this week when the game is due out next week.

    So it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary if they were to release a demo for Metroid Prime 3 so close to the release date.

  9. A demo might be imperative to show that the first-person controls actually work, but I highly doubt it. Kaplan is known for giving us buzz words that never lead to anything.

  10. Samus is way hotter!

  11. The game comes out in two weeks, not next week. A demo could conceivably come out the 20th along with Super Metroid and that would still be a week before release, which is good enough. I would go insane for a demo.

  12. I don’t want a demo. I want my (third) first time behind Samus’ visor to be during the opening sequence of the game, not a demo version.

  13. I’m just pleased to hear that they are advertising this game.

    I don’t think that its too late to put out the demo, it doesn’t really matter if Nintendo does plenty of advertising for it now or later, their advertising can have lastability. Like Animal Crossing DS etc, the game is still be advertised today.

    Plus the game may be in small supply after all of the fans snatch them up.

  14. is she pretty hot or what?

  15. @jako:

    lol, you are funny 😛

  16. Aww, someone didn’t read past the headline. That’s precious. And typical.

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