221 downloadable games

Shizzle is reporting via some Japanese magazine on 221 games that will be ready for download on the Revolution. No word as to if these are considered the FREE classics that Nintendo’s VP spoke of last week.

See the list!


  1. I read on IGN and Engadget that this list is just made up by some fan…
    Somehow the rumor Famitsu reported those games spread…but it’s not true…

    On the other hand I think it is quite close…..Nintendo will definitly release all those Japan only and US only titles on the Rev….I mean all those fans out there that wanna play F-Zero X 64DD are going to buy that stuff no matter at what price as it’ going to be cheaper than getting the real thing 😀

  2. Has to fake. Super Mario Kart and Mario kart 64 are missing

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