Rumor: Nintendo DSi arriving April 4 for $180

Sources today are reporting that Nintendo could drop the DSi in North American as early as April 4. The portable, featuring a handful of updates to the DS Lite platform, is rumored to be $180.

For you latecomers, the Nintendo DSi looks similar to its DS Lite cousin, but also includes two cameras, an SD card slot, and a new Wii-inspired menu interface. The DSiWare Store, which will feature a catalogue of downloadable software, much like the Wii Shop Channel, will also be available to North American DSi owners when it purportedly launches in April.

The DS Lite still enjoys growing sales in the U.S. market (3 million+ sold in December alone), so we can expect Nintendo to sell the two portable side-by-side for most of 2009. The company had employed a similar strategy in Japan, where the DSi has been out since late 2008.