This week’s Infendo Radio is jammin’ man


Who’s the black sheep of Super Mario games? How good is Tron Legacy? And should Link take a public speaking class? Find the answers to all those questions and more in this week’s episode of Infendo Radio:

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  1. Great Podcast.

    About the differences between Allstars and the originals. In the original Super Mario Bros., Mario was knocked down when he jumped up in the bricks. When Mario jumps up in the bricks in Allstars, he continues upward.
    It’s a minor tweek, but for the fans of the original Super Mario Bros. series, it alters the gameplay quite a lot. The Allstars version is actually slowed down in pace. Not a whole lot, but enough for me to prefer the ganeplay in the original. But the rest of Allstars only improve on the originals. Thumbs up.
    Am I the only one who prefer the gameplay in the original?

  2. what if mario got sucked into the console itself and has to platform his way through circuitboards to rescue peach and escape!

  3. super mario 2 is a whole lot like doky-doky panic. this is the black sheep, not sunshine.

  4. What happened to Sean and Alexis as the host of this show?

  5. @Kytim89 Blake never explained to the listeners why the previous hosts got the boot.

  6. Hi, Kytim89 and JG. Wanted to take the show in a new direction to see if we could get listener-ship back to original levels. In its four year history, show hosts have changed a number of times. If you enjoy Alexis’s insight, he runs an all-purpose gaming blog at, to which Sean also contributes, in addition to the latter’s occasional Infendo post. Hope that helps.