Infendo Radio Episode 274: One Direct



After some previous technically glitches,  Infendo Radio returns triumphantly with a new, smooth and uninterrupted recording solution. Mixing up the formula to bring the numerically correct episode 274. Harrison Milfeld, Scott Pratt and myself jump in to tackle both the latest Nintendo Direct and keep an eye on the competition with Microsoft’s announcement of the Xbox One.

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One Response to Infendo Radio Episode 274: One Direct

  1. FrX says:

    Cool. There’s a logo to identify the podcast in my play list now. Nice touch!

    I wonder why the font of ‘Radio’ differs from the Infendo-Nintendo-style font.
    I’d keep it the same. But then again, I don’t know your reasons.

    Well, you can find a font based on the Nintendo-font here:

    It seems like that font it doesn’t align the letters that well, though. Some look bigger/smaller than others.

    On the note of the Fire Emblem censorship: every site says it’s also being censored in the EU? But Lewis says it isn’t. I’ve been enjoying the game this far, but in what package is Tarya included? Is it in bonus content or in DLC content? I’d like to check it out for myself 🙂

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