So when’s the Metroid Movie? Other M Trailer

10 Responses to So when’s the Metroid Movie? Other M Trailer

  1. BB says:

    Slick commercial.

  2. Verius says:

    now wheres the full length live action movie? 😛 theyd seriously get major props if they pull that off with metroid or zelda

  3. Leon says:

    I’ve been saying where the full length movie when I first saw the trailer for Metroid Prime.

  4. @ Leon,

    I’ve felt the same way.

  5. Sheldon says:

    are we supposed to care that youre butt hurt over the cinematic cutscenes/ this live action trailer orrrrr are you saying it in a good way?

  6. Loftus says:

    @ Shedlon

    Damn right we’re butthurt. Just look at this bullshit! It looks EXACTLY like Pokemon kiddie crap and isn’t engaging in the slightest.

  7. Aikun2012 says:

    …. Samus is hot in this cm and I didn’t mind it… I liked the music…. Samus is always hot… ^_^ …..

  8. gojiguy says:

    Man, Nintendo sure learned how to make sweet commercials again…

    in fact, there have been several Wii game commercials this year that have been awesome and didn’t include:

    A) Grandmas waggling in front of TV sets in designer living rooms

    B) Unenthusiastic voice-over work about how easy to play the game is

    C) Those “Wii would like to play” idiots!

    Along with TvC and MH3, Metroid Other M gets a bloody excellent commercial. Too bad I don’t really like Metroid games. Maybe if this one turns out to be more action focused I’ll like it.

  9. Lance says:

    If they were to make a movie at that caliber I would definitely go see that! I’d even see that Legend of Zelda movie that IGN made a trailer for back a couple of years.

  10. Rabbitduck says:

    A Metroid (or even Zelda) movie could be AMAZING. However, I have no faith in anyone to make a good one. So I’d rather they just stayed away. We don’t need another Super Mario Bros (the movie) on our hands, now do we?

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