Bad Publicity

This can’t be good publicity for the PSP. It just goes to show the love people have for Nintendo games, even for the haters. Wired is reporting in an article released today about easy hacks for the PSP that allow users to play retro Nintendo games. (See images below)

With all the good hardware found in the PSP, people still just want great games. Even if they are technologically challenged.

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  1. …and that is why the Revolution is going to be a hot item. All these games (minus the old handhelds, although I can forsee that being taken care of with the next GameBoy) available whenever you want them.

    I mean C’MON! I could bring my Revolution home and load up StarFox for the SNES and play away. THAT’s revolutionary. Great games will always sell, and in Nintendo’s case, resell.

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