Powerboy Micro

As if you needed any more Apple/Nintendo comparisons, the Micro meets the Powerbook. The resemblence is uncanny but is that a blog running on the Micro?


  1. propably just a jpg viewed with that “play-yan” thingie…

  2. Yeah I wonder how the blog got on there too- Maybe it’s the play-yan, but wouldn’t the play yan be sticking out the bottom of the micro? (Doesn’t it stick out a bit)?

  3. you can put images on a blank cart 😀

  4. besides, I don’t want to lose my eyesight trying to read that! I believe the internet should stay in 640×480 or more screen. anything less in just masochism.

  5. It doesn’t look like there’s a cart in there at all. Look closely. Weird.

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