Infendo Plays! – Dead Cells First Take!

DEAD CELLS IS SO GOOD. Come check out my first impressions of the game in the video above!

Retro Gaming & The Past

I recently discovered a hidden benefit to playing games that bring back that retro vibe - specifically Sonic Mania Plus.

Octopath Traveler Review

Octopath Traveler is one of those games I didn't know I wanted until I saw it for the first time. After dozens of hours and numerous tough battles it brought back nostalgia for an era of jrpgs I had thought had died long ago and I am more than happy to see making a resurgence.

Chrom Gets Promoted From Final Smash To Full-Blown Character

Chrom finally gets his chance as the newest echo fighter in Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Fire Emblem Awakening continues to get representation.

SNK Heroines Newest Fighter Is… A Guy?

SNK Heroines has been teasing us with new characters, but this newest one was quite unexpected. Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury joins the fray!

Intelligently Incorporating Adaptive Difficulty

or, How to Make Boss Battles More Challenging Without Punishing the Player If you’ve been following Infendo on YouTube, or listening to our weekly podcast, you’d already know that a couple months ago, I restarted The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in Master Mode. This was the first time I’ve started the game from scratch since day one, and the only time I’ve ever playe...

The Nintendo Switch UI sucks. Here’s how to fix it.

The Nintendo Switch is an amazing little system with one glaring problem: The Nintendo Switch UI is awful. Let's make it better, shall we?

The Best (And Worst) Eeveelutions In Pokemon History

Eevee’s a pretty popular Pokemon. Heck, it’s popular enough to sit aloungside Pikachu in the upcoming Switch title Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee. Over the years, Eevee has had a number of evolutions, and fan demand is still high for some new forms. For those of you who don’t know, Eevee’s popularity stems from the fact that it can evolve into a number of different forms, bas...

Review of Gamer’s House Arcade Bracket Kit for Nintendo Switch

Huh… Just a Box When Nintendo introduced Labo to the world earlier this year, people saw so many possiblities. Some saw a creative new way to play video games. Some saw a return of the useless peripherals from the Wii era. Others saw a cheap way to make fast money on cardboard. I’m not sure which of these three things Gamer’s House saw when they developed and released the Arcade Bracke...

The Nintendo Switch Effect

There is no secret that Nintendo is on top of it’s game this generation with the Nintendo Switch. Who knew that gamers would be so taken by the fact that the Nintendo Switch can be taken on the go, as well as played in high definition on the big screen? The Big N banked hard this for their seventh generation console, and so far, it has paid off in dividends. However, the Nintendo Switch eShop rais...

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Patch Desires

Introduction: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a phenomenal game in my opinion and topped my personal Game of the Year list for 2017. It had a rocky start and didn’t explain the mechanics well but it became a wholly satisfying experience with the story, characters, battle systems, and well over 100 side quests. I highly recommend checking it out. It is a must play for RPG lovers. Since its launch i...

The Emulation Situation

I think it’s safe to assume that most gamers have dabbled in emulation at one point or another. It’s a quick and easy way to play rare, foreign, and classic games. It is also a handy way to keep all of those games together without taking up a lot of physical space. To its detractors, emulation is as bad as stealing. You’re playing a game you didn’t pay for on hardware the c...