Professor Layton

Professor Layton and The Demon’s Box?

Apparently in a small blog update on the official UK Nintendo Magazine site, they released information that in the upcoming issue of their magazine that they are going to be looking at some upcoming titles. These titles include Grand Theft Auto: China Town Wars, Ghost Busters, Dead Rising, and Professor Layton!? Here is an excerpt as seen on their website… In addition to GTA we’ll be l...

Professor Layton to become an Animated Film!

The Professor Layton love is high in Japan as Level 5 has just released that they are going to make a Professor Layton movie titled “Professor Layton: The First Movie”. Sounds like Pokémon the first movie all over again. The Animated feature is supposed to be released sometime in January 2010 in Japan (probably only Japan) and will follow the adventures of Professor Layton and his you...

Professor Layton: and the Last Time Travel

[youtube][/youtube] Apparently Japan doesn’t know how to keep spoilers out of their T.V. commercials.  As the third installment of the Professor Layton (Layton Kyouju) series is almost ready for release in Japan. We can only ask ourselves, or Nintendo, where is Professor Layton 2!

Dunaway hints at Professor Layton 2

From the recent interview… Oh, and someone’s asking about Professor Layton 2. Now, you’re in the Professor Layton club with me, so why is this not announced yet? Dunaway: I am in the Professor Layton club. Hopefully, we’ll see that one. I certainly hope so. Now if only Dunaway’s answer was more like… The next Layton game is ready ...

Time-traveling Professor Layton 3 trailer

Here’s the time-traveling Japanese trailer for Professor Layton 3. Shared with you for no other reasons than the series rocks, the music is awesome, and I know there are a few Professor diehards out there in the audience. Feast away.

Professor Layton – Mysterious Time Machine

Many of you probably haven’t finished the first Professor Layton game yet. However, in Japan the third game is prepping for launch. Layton Kyouju to Saigo no Jikan Ryokou, which translates into something along the lines of “mysterious time machine” or “Final Time-Travel.” The game is set to be the third and final game in the series. If you want a sneak peak at some of...

Infendo Friend-o in Nintendo Power!

Will/Alucard from the Infendo Forums (and co-author of the Smash-O-Meter articles) gets his fifteen minutes of fame in the new issue of Nintendo Power. On page 94 of the April issue, there’s a story about the Professor Layton event we told you about. Congrats again, Will!

It came from the Infendo Forums – Professor Layton contest

Alucard/Will from the Infendo Forums is having a fun little contest. If you’re lucky, you could win a hat and some pins. Hop on in and see if you have the answers to his riddles! [UPDATE]  The winners have been announced: Grand Prize Winner: pnut78 from the forums Runner Up 1: Steve Greiger Runner Up 2: Ben Kaiser

UPDATE – Professor Layton – downloadable content broken? fixed!

[UPDATE] It seems like they fixed it. Nintendo posted what amounts more to an announcement of the new puzzle, rather than an explanation for why it didn’t work for everyone: Hey everyone, we wanted to let you know that the first Professor Layton puzzle is now available for download. Every Sunday at 4 a.m. PST, a new puzzle will go live and be available for download. The next puzzle will be p...

Review – Professor Layton and the Curious Village

As a kid, I had a book of brainteasers that I thoroughly enjoyed. MindTrap, Choose Your Own Adventure, and classic LucasArts adventure games were all consumed with great gusto. The announcement of a game like Professor Layton and the Curious Village piqued my interest to a staggering level. Sure, Mario Galaxy was coming soon, but what I really wanted was Layton. I was afraid I might be setting mys...

Professor Layton and The Inundation With News About Himself

Since it’s Professor Layton Day in Infendonia, here’s more tidbits about the guy with a PhD in self-promotion: Game|Life is reporting that the instruction manual practically confirms the sequel coming to the US. Nintendo’s official site is up, including a playable demo! Now if only another web site would give me some information about the Professor … UPS!

Infendo Nation represents, wins big at Professor Layton event

Will (aka Alucard from the Infendo Forums) headed to Rockefeller Center in NYC yesterday and attended the Professor Layton launch event. Not only did he cover the event for us, but he won the top prize. In the picture above, you can see his brand new Cobalt/Onyx DS which is engraved with the Professor Layton logo. Congrats, Will, and thanks for making us all very proud! Will also witnessed some Wi...