Professor Layton

Layton Movie could be heading Over Seas

It seems that Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva could be heading over seas sometime in the future. This all comes with speculation due to the recent Professor Layton web page on Encore Films.  The website contains information about the film and the game series, as well as information about the movie being shown in Japanese theaters with Chinese and English Subtitles. While there is no confirm...

Professor Layton is a fan of Ice Skating

Did anyone know that Professor Layton is a professional ice skater?

One of these Characters is not like the Other…

At least not yet in my opinion. [Via Amazon]

Youtube Tuesday – Layton vs Luke

This is the most beautifully unfitting Layton thing I’ve ever seen. Have any suggestions or videos for YouTube Tuesday? Send them in at

Professor Layton visiting Boston today; Seattle on Wednesday

After taking the Molentary Express to Minneapolis and Miami, Professor Layton will be making a stop in Boston today.  Check out his site for clues to the Professor’s whereabouts starting at 10AM Eastern time.  I’m hoping to find him, too, so will I be bumping into any Beantown Infendo readers today?  The good Professor’s train must be wicked fast since he’ll be showing u...

What if… Professor Layton was a NES game?

What if Professor Layton was a series on the Famicom in Japan. Would we have ever seen it on American shores?

New Game Get gets too many games!

This is actually a pretty amazing week for a Summer release date.  Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box is awesome. Metroid Prime Trilogy is guaranteed awesome. Super Empire Strikes Back is virtually awesome.  And Cursed Mountain at the very least has an awesome title.  Check on in for more new games and DLC for Rock Band & Guitar Hero.

Review – Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box

It’s no mystery, I absolutely loved the first Professor Layton game. All the stories about new Layton games and movies in Japan make me green with envy. But finally, I have Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box in my hands and further in love with these games I fall! If you played the first game and liked it at all, buy this sequel.  If you haven’t played the first, you can actually...

Youtube Tuesday – Professor Layton movie

Have any suggestions or videos for YouTube Tuesday? Send them in at

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box comes out August 24th

So, like, I’m not sure why Nintendo didn’t announce this at their press conference, but according to the press release on their E3 media site, Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box is due out for DS on August 24th!

Confirmed! Professor Layton Series is coming!

At Level-5’s panel, director Akihiro Hino showed a list of current projects, including Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, an English translation of the name of the second Layton game. Later, during the Q&A, someone asked Hino if the sequel was being localized for North America and Europe. Hino responded that he wants to release all six Laytons (including the new trilogy), and that ...

Infendo Radio 133 – Four Dudes talkin’ ’bout Nintendo

This week on Infendo Radio, Kyle and I are joined by both Will and Sean for a podcast full of .. well .. full of Ubisoft’s 2012 prediction, 1st party vs 3rd party games, the UK release of the Prof Layton sequel, New Play Control games topping the chart, and even more! Radio Feed iTunes Feed MP3 Be sure to leave some comments or give us a call on the Infendo Radio Hotline: 206-338-BIGN (206-3...