One of these Characters is not like the Other…

Video Game Legends

At least not yet in my opinion.

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  1. Sean says:

    I’m not ready to call Pikachu a legend. That makes me feel old.

    Layton though? That just makes me feel funny.

  2. droop4 says:

    You old fart! Pikachu has got to be there.

    Layton tho?
    no way!

  3. Roddy says:

    Anyone else find it funny that they call Pokemon Pikachu because it’s his picture there, yet they call Link Zelda?

  4. peshue says:

    Yeah I’m not much of a Donkey Kong fan either.

  5. Fuzz says:

    Ya, Professor Layton totally doesn’t fit. I can tell because he is the only one with his mouth shut. I’m super good at these spot the difference games.

  6. Phil Myth says:

    That’s not Zelda… it’s Link.


    But yeah, Layton isn’t in the same category as these yet. I’d put Olimar above him.

  7. ninjaluke84 says:

    Well considering that all of the above are Nintendo franchises except Layton who is made by Level V games I agree with this post. While visiting Amazon I thought the same thing.

  8. Catfish says:

    It’s obviously Professor Layton because his art contains no shading, unlike all the other pictures. That plus the mouth shut thing as pointed out by fuzz makes it very obvious that this is the answer.

  9. DonWii says:

    Same with Samus and Metroid

  10. Drahken says:

    The odd one out is Kirby. No thumbs!

  11. GrumpyDavid says:

    Yeah OK so I am like the third one to say this but yeah that’s not zelda. I would rank them in terms of recognizability as follows: 1. Mario 2. Donkey Kong 3. Link 4. Pikiachu 5. Kirby 6. Professor Layton – I put Donkey Kong over Link but what do you all think?

  12. Attilio says:

    Mario is the odd one out because he is the only one with a mustache
    or DK because he has brown fur
    or Link because he has a sword/shield
    or Kirby because he doesn’t have ears
    or Pikachu because he generates electricity
    or Layton because his mouth is closed

    lets face it, the only one that has the biggest difference is Layton because those games are the youngest and I feel are just as big of a hit as the other 5 and I can really see that series continuing

    besides Will said “At least not yet” meaning any physical differences are not considered unless they all eventually grow mustaches and brown fur, carry a sword/shield, lose their ears, generate electricity and keep their mouth shut

  13. unremarkableguy says:

    I say Link. He is the only one seemingly in distress.

  14. Craig says:

    Is Kirby the odd one out? All the other characters were created by Nintendo, but Kirby was made by HAL Laboratories (I think).

  15. Abysmal says:

    I’d say Donkey Kong because there hasn’t been a good DK game in years.

  16. Alexis says:

    The odd one out is Layton. Not only has he no been around long enough to be called a “legend,” but he’s the only one there that’s a third party creation, no?

  17. Jake Barber says:


    It’s Layton, you idiots. He’s the only one that hasn’t been in a multi-million dollar franchise.

  18. Poochy says:

    Professor Layton doesn’t deserve to be called a legend because his games are annoying, nearly plotless attempts at trying to drive gamers insane with innumerable puzzles. He exists in a sad, shallow universe Nintendo has created for him in which the answer to all of life’s problems lie in puzzle solving. Need directions to the next town? Solve a puzzle and the kindly old priest might help you. Need a simple answer to a yes/no question asked of any number of the story’s integral characters? Solve a puzzle, and said character might very well answer the question—then, and only THEN can the story progress. Unexpected character developments? Phsaw. Solve seemingly random, unrelated puzzles and the characters might develop.

    Am I the only one who can’t stand this series?

  19. starfox_6456303 says:

    hover over professor layton, it says samus on amazons page

  20. Samhain2099 says:

    Strange, no Fox from Star Fox, or Samus from Metroid. I’m sure someday Layton will be able to rank up there, he’ll most likely be an unlockable character when they decide to make a new smash bros. Then he will earn his wings to be ranked with these characters.

  21. Lord Lemmy says:

    Why Layton?? He only has two games! Also I clicked on Pikachu to look at what pokemon games are listed… they had two un-fitting games: Mario Party 8 and Bakugan Battle Brawlers

  22. exposicion says:

    it’s gotta be donkey kong. He’s the only one without his hands in the picture

  23. ??? says:

    What a debate! This could have been a poll!

  24. muggy8 says:

    Layton, since he is the only one that does not have a game for more than 1 system

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