Professor Layton to become an Animated Film!

The Professor Layton love is high in Japan as Level 5 has just released that they are going to make a Professor Layton movie titled “Professor Layton: The First Movie”. Sounds like Pokémon the first movie all over again.

The Animated feature is supposed to be released sometime in January 2010 in Japan (probably only Japan) and will follow the adventures of Professor Layton and his young assistant, Luke.

This movie is going to be produced by Japanese studio TOHO and is slated to feature an entirely new and original story from the brains of Akihiro Hino. Hino is the president of Level 5, and the brains behind the Professor Layton series. It was also said that the movie will feature all the previous voice actors from the series (possibly just Layton, Luke, and possibly Flora). However, as a right now that is all that is known about the movie. More to come.

News Release (Translated Via Google)

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