UPDATE – Professor Layton – downloadable content broken? fixed!


[UPDATE] It seems like they fixed it. Nintendo posted what amounts more to an announcement of the new puzzle, rather than an explanation for why it didn’t work for everyone:

Hey everyone, we wanted to let you know that the first Professor Layton puzzle is now available for download. Every Sunday at 4 a.m. PST, a new puzzle will go live and be available for download. The next puzzle will be posted on Feb. 24!

Some of you may now be wondering, “why isn’t the next one on the 17th?”

The reason is because we decided to make the first puzzle available for you now! Huzzah!

Is it working for you yet?

Professor Layton and the Curious Village is definitely a great game, but it seems like many players are having a problem downloading the bonus weekly puzzle. In a posting from the Nintendo Tech Support Forums, Xenoguardian writes:

My DS is connected to my Nintendo WiFi connector, and the connection seems to be fine, but for some reason when it;s about 3/5 the way of downloading it cuts me off and sends me back to the menu without an error message or anything.

I’ve experienced this myself using a Linksys wireless router. Reading the forum further, it looks like it isn’t specific to any brand of hardware or Internet service provider. Despite this flaw, the game still fully deserves its score from my recent review.

An administrator on their Tech Forum has replied, saying:

Hello, and thank you for reporting this. We are looking into the situation and will post a reply here when we know more.


And of course Infendo will keep you updated. Anyone else out there unable to download the weekly puzzle? Anyone successfully get it?