Infendo Nation represents, wins big at Professor Layton event


Will (aka Alucard from the Infendo Forums) headed to Rockefeller Center in NYC yesterday and attended the Professor Layton launch event. Not only did he cover the event for us, but he won the top prize. In the picture above, you can see his brand new Cobalt/Onyx DS which is engraved with the Professor Layton logo. Congrats, Will, and thanks for making us all very proud!

Will also witnessed some Wii buying shenanigans. Read all about it as his full coverage and pictures of the event can be found after the break.
Earlier in the Day around 11am, people were lining up since the stores opening for the daily Wii sale. According to some Information I picked up, about the Wii sales, which can only be done by credit card or debit now. Was that someone was paying people off, to wait on line and Buy Wii’s for him, and he was selling them at a gouged profit. Apparently, he tried to pay someone who was waiting on line and it got back to the Nintendo Store and they changed the policy.

Around 12:30pm they started preparing Foam Hats to be given out, and were signing people up for the Professor Layton Tournament. The Tournament consisted of 10 minutes of Game Play, and who ever got the farthest ended up winning the tournament. So I signed up, and Immediately started practicing the game, and once you know the answers its a cake walk, the game honestly has no real replay value what-so-ever, because the questions and answers are generally the same.

So I practiced and played Until 1pm when the event actually kicked off. It was pretty dead for a Nintendo Event, few people actually showed up, I would say the average age of everyone attending, was around 18-22 years old. So I started scouting and taking some pictures, talking to the staff.

Around 1:15pm, the first real part of the activities kicked off. It was a kind of raffle contest, for those who could solve the most riddle questions. I grabbed a whole bunch of professor layton pins. Plus an extra Layton Top hat. Answered them, didn’t win. (Winner got a Cobalt DS, but it turned into a Raffle.)

2pm the Tournament arrived, people were called by name to participate in the pit. They called our names one by one, and we played in Groups of Seven. We were then issued to go, but everyone started give or take 5-10 seconds a part. Because it was one of those, GO!, not even counting. I managed to score the top score of 8, and they continued the tournament.

2:15 while the tournament was going on, people were doing another riddle sheet, (which I have), and were filling that out. (Didn’t win that one) Someone actually answered all 5 riddles right, and won a Cobalt DS.

After the main event was done the tournament it turned out there was 5 top players (who scored 8 including myself) and it was given that we have to replay the game within 5 minutes and see who gets the farthest.

I managed to get 4 points, and everyone got about 3 or 2, so they added that to our score of 8 and I ended up winning with a score of 12. Took some pictures, lulz were had, and that was that.

In all the event was kinda cool, but not as epic as some other Nintendo events were.