Professor Layton and The Demon’s Box?

Apparently in a small blog update on the official UK Nintendo Magazine site, they released information that in the upcoming issue of their magazine that they are going to be looking at some upcoming titles. These titles include Grand Theft Auto: China Town Wars, Ghost Busters, Dead Rising, and Professor Layton!? Here is an excerpt as seen on their website…

In addition to GTA we’ll be looking forward to Professor Layton and The Demon’s Box, Ghostbusters and Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop. There’s also a special feature on Nintendo’s New Play Control Range including Pikmin, Metroid Prime, Mario Power Tennis, Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat and Chibi-Robo.

Although this news is not really anything big, the fact that we know Professor Layton’s new game has a tentative title of Demon Box means a lot in the UK. As this gives us some hope to an official US release in some shape or form. With such a subtle confirmation, can it really be true?

Official Nintendo UK Magazine

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