Dragon Quest X revealed as an online RPG – what do you think?

Looks like Dragon Quest X is going to be an online RPG, possibly needing a monthly fee. We had a lot of fans of the DS masterpiece Dragon Quest IX around here when that came out, but now I’m curious to see what you think of Dragon Quest X, coming to Wii and Wii-U. Is this what you want?

Exclusive: In an Xbox Live world, Nintendo defends online Wii service

Nintendo’s online service is better than most hardened gamers give it credit for. At least that’s what company spokesman Kit Ellis told Infendo in an interview last week. When asked how the popularity of Xbox Live and PSN have encouraged Nintendo to rethink their online strategy in planning their next console, Ellis turned the conversation back to the present. “The Wii is here no...

So long Wii Speak, we hardly knew ye

Surprise! After dismal support, Nintendo quietly discontinues Wii Speak, reports 1up. An estimated 13 users are now storming Nintendo headquarters in outrage.

Nintendo Week is shrinking. Do you even care?

Each Monday, I look forward to dragging home from work, plopping into my favorite chair and switching on the Nintendo Channel to check out the week’s new promo videos. The routine’s not done until I’ve watched the latest installment of NINTENDO WEEK, the company’s magazine-style Nintendo news show. And, each week, there they are: Allison and Gary, the show’s super-upb...

Infographic: Online gaming in 2010

Imagine how many more online Wii players there would be if the system was easier to connect with friends.

Whatever happened to online Wii games?

I still remember the day I put in Mario Strikers Charged and had my first online match.  At the time, it was the only Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection game available for Wii.  The DS got the honor of being Nintendo’s first online-enabled system, but I really expected the Wii to take it to the next level. There have been a few good steps in that direction, like the Nintendo Channel, Netflix on Wii...

Netflix Wii adoption not that bad

Netflix on Wii has been a modest success, reports Reggie Fils-Aime, with almost 1 million users logging in and using the disc-based service since its inception last month. As puts it, this information “flies in the face” of “analyst” Michael Pachter, who “predicted” Wii owners would not warm to the service because they don’t go online as ...

Deep online thoughts

Out of the blue, without any real fanfare or hype, many Wii games just kind of come with online functionality now, don’t they? When the hell did that happen?

ExciteBots a “blast,” excels at… gambling?!

Nintendo’s latest foray into the video game driving world took a quirky detour with ExciteBots, which takes the ExciteTrucks formula of yesteryear and ramps it up with, well, bots. But there’s something else beneath the hood. Something sinister.

Infendo Wifi Night – Thursday @ 9PM EST

Join in the online fun this Thursday at 9 P.M. EST for Infendo Wifi Night! Bring along your Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Animal Crossing: City Folk, Rock Band II, Guitar Hero, Tetris DS, Club House Games, Metroid Prime Hunters, and more. Meet up in the Infendo Chat room to exchange friend codes, and setup matches. Be sure to swing by our friendly forums to add your codes to the massive ...

The System on multiplayer gaming

Remember the good old days, when you just wanted to strangle your co-op buddy? He just happened to be sitting next to you on the couch, stealing the last power up that you needed. Does anyone miss that? Or do you all feel safe behind your microphones and WiiSpeak. [The System Comic]

Rock Band 2 Wii – Music Store Walkthrough

Hit the jump for a list of songs currently available.

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