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Katsuya Eguchi Explains Why Nintendo Land Does Not Feature Online Play

In my opinion, Nintendo Land is the perfect pack in game.  It gives us familiar characters, fun and quick mini games, as well as a great family experience.  What more could we ask for? Some have asked for online multi-player

Nintendo finally outlines the Wii U’s online set up

With five days left until the Wii U’s North American launch, one question has still bugged many gamers: How will the Wii U’s online work? Finally, Nintendo has laid out the details of the Wii U’s online infrastructure and how it will affect certain

Nintendo, we have a problem

In two days we will be exactly a month away from the launch of the Wii U in North America, but aside from Nintendo (and maybe including them) nobody knows how the online will work on the console. This is

After the Wii U preview event, mixed emotions still arise

The Wii U preview event in New York City has come and gone, and now Nintendo has rolled out their specific plans for their next-gen console. A release date, price point, and TWO different SKUs were unveiled along with the

Lag? No way; view it as an effect

I stand by my more-positive-than-most review of Mario Tennis Open; it’s been non-stop fun since I popped that game into my 3DS. If you’ve encountered Wilford in the Wiggler suit online, that’s me. Since my review reflected my then-current view

Review: Mario Tennis Open serves up fast, addictive court action

Mario Tennis Open is a truly fun, hard-to-put-down game full of the charm and excellence you’d expect from Nintendo and Camelot. Its pick-up-and-play nature and smooth, fast online modes make it a perfect anywhere-anytime title. There’s a rhythm to single