Mario Kart 7 Community News: January Edition

First of all, let me thank everyone who has participated in our official Infendo community so far. It’s not the most popular community ever, but I’ve gotten more enjoyment out of it than any other community I play in.

With that out of the way, I now have some great community news to report! As of today, 17 players have found their way into community races. We reached a record during our last community night with a whopping 2 groups playing simultaneously (it may have reached 3 once I found a group to race with). Let’s go for 5 this Saturday!

On the races themselves, Richard and I have seen some really great moments. Richard winning me by less than a second on DS DK Pass after being in the lead for most of the race, me haphazardly golden mushrooming from last place to first for a close victory on Toad Circuit, and me discovering that it’s quite a lot of fun to shoot green shells at innocent mountain goats on Daisy Hills (oh wait…).

About Infendo’s Official Mario Kart 7 Community

One online feature Mario Kart 7 introduced the series to is the community function. Racers can easily join specific communities through the use of community codes. Additionally, players can browse popular communities to find ones that suit their play style or skill level.

Infendo has an official Mario Kart 7 community. Enter the code below to join us on the track. Community nights are held every Saturday evening at 7:00 PM US-Eastern time. See you there!

Community Code: 20-1691-6700-3942


  1. Maybe this time when I join, I’ll actually get into a group. Can’t wait!

  2. I really like this growing trend, Holly. Thanks for curating it.

  3. @wakko1337
    A little patience will usually pay off. New players can’t be added to groups until the group is done with a four-race Grand Prix. Sometimes I let my 3DS sit in the charging cradle, logged on to the community while I play Wii and wait for more players.

    Thanks, that means a lot.

  4. @wakko1337
    yeah same thing happend to me last time…..

  5. Everyone should swapnote their friends lists withe community code and time. I did that last weekend and had a couple friends join in.

    I havent played holly yet but im itching gor the #1 spot! Right now im 4 :-/

  6. Anyone interested in an alternate day and time for those who can’t make the current time? I’m out west so 7pm is 4pm for me, which conflicts with parenting time. Most weekday nights after 8 Pacific would work. Weekends after 8 would be good too!

  7. Looking for 3ds friends. Add and comment your # please. 🙂 1547-5186-1729 -John

    I’ll be home this Sat, so hopefully I’ll see you all there! 6 pm Central.

  8. I got the 3RD place position at the moment and ittend to invade 2ND this week knowing I can’t grab 1ST that fast this week. All in all, a lot of good racers got into the mix last week and I intend on causing a lot more damage in races like I did last week. This should be quite another good Infendo community meet this Saturday. To all have fun. I know I will be enjoying myself. 😉 By the way, name for myself is 3DS*LUIGI$ online

  9. I haven’t been able to join guys 🙁
    This saturday I will be traveling so I don’t think I will be there…

    I’ve been trying to share friend codes with my fav community:Infendo. So far I’ve only got WiiLuigi…

    3DS FC: 2535-3935-9678

  10. Added u both. My fc is 3823 8838 7493.
    Id be down for a different/later community night during the week. Hopefully numbers will continue to grow to make it realistic

  11. I am going to try this Saturday as the last 3 I was unable to get my sons MK7 from him 🙂

  12. Added all three of you – John, Alvaro and Sam. My FC is 3179 6073 8393.

    See you online!

  13. Registered the listed codes and joined the community. My fc is 3823-8526-8784.

  14. Alright, I’ll add you guys after work today if I remember. 🙂 See you at the races!

  15. Ill be in the infendo community lobby tonight at 9pm central time to 10pm central time. Join me if you want to

  16. Just had some great races in the Infendo community. Thank you for setting it up Holly!

  17. Well, I did what I said what I intended to do and claimed 2ND. Had a good time also. I hope Saturday is still on even though we raced on Thursday tonight. I really want to put mt skills to the test against Holly though. Looking forward to that 1ST place spot very soon, I can practically taste it.

  18. Hey all, I just joined Infendo last night, and I’ll definitely be joining this community once I pick up Mario Kart 7. I’ll get my buddy in on it too.

  19. Definately wanting to race you guys right now!

  20. Just a friendly challenge to Holly if she’s out there tonight. I want 1 quick game with her 1 on 1. Thanx again. The night went slow for me tonight due to Internet, but I quickly battled back into the night as competitive as I can. And @ Lord Lemmy: great races we did finish together man! You earned that 3RD place spot! 😉

  21. I wish there was a forum or chat room set up so we could exchange comments during racing nights, someplace other than here.
    I got a bunch of good racing in tonight, had lots of fun, tried out some new Kart options, some worked, some were terrible! And was really happy that the time Maka Wuhu came up not one person took the cheat-cut (unlike last weekend)!
    Looking forward to the next night, maybe I’ll jump on later anyway to see if any night-owls are up racing!
    I play MK under the name ham dragon.

  22. That’s a good idea Garfunkel… could be a quick and easy solution.

    The community grew to +30 !!

  23. A humbling but excellent day/night for racIng for me. There are a lot of great racers out there! See you next week or sooner even.

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