Every Mii has a Friend Code

p42.gifA French interview meticulously analyzed by 4cr reveals the Friend Code mystery, such as it is, has grown ever deeper.

G ”“ And what about the Mii-specific codes?

Each Mii created generates a Mii code which never changes. This code will be used for all online games in the future.

Now, this doesn’t mean that Nintendo will retain a list of your friends from game to game ”“ instead, specific Miis are assigned unique, permanent friend codes that will be used universally. It isn’t Xbox Live, but hey, just months ago, people were ready to go wading with their Wiis. It’s a lot better than we were expecting, right?

At this point, with all of the delicious misdirection coming from Nintendo (which they can do as king of the hill, right Reggie?), I have no frackin’ clue what the heck the Friend Code situation is going to be when the first batch of online Wii games drops in the very near future. Perhaps some of our European readers can keep us abreast of these kinds of developments as Strikers draws near.