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I stand by my more-positive-than-most review of Mario Tennis Open; it’s been non-stop fun since I popped that game into my 3DS. If you’ve encountered Wilford in the Wiggler suit online, that’s me. Since my review reflected my then-current view of the game’s online play, I feel it’s my duty to add an update. Apparently, as more and more tennis fans enter the fray online, a bit of wonkiness has crept into the picture. Playing online is still a wonderfully fun experience, but the smoothness of the play lately has been, shall we say…uneven. Most of the time it’s butter-smooth, but lag can suddenly enter the picture — sometimes just for a few seconds, sometimes for an entire match. It’s never Brawl-awful, but it’s not a good PR moment for Nintendo. I have to say I’m impressed by how quickly the game recovers from its lag attacks, and I’m daffy enough to actually enjoy the novelty of an occasional stop n’ go match (because sometimes I actually fare better than normal in that situation), but…Nintendo, please fix this.

Aside from that, my opinion hasn’t changed; Mario Tennis Open is a terrific game that’s gotten some ridiculously bad press. I know Kid Icarus Uprising’s a tough act to follow, but c’mon.

If you’ve been playing MTO this past week, how has your online experience been? On a scale of Mario Kart 7 (10) to Super Smash Brothers Brawl (0), how would you rank it?


  1. I think Kid Icarus should be a 10, and Mario Kart 7 should be a 9 on your online scale 😛

    But on a 1-10, I’d give it a paltry “Current-Status” Monster Hunter Tri (4/10).
    (Current status meaning how garbage the online is now; nobody is ever on except for idiots)

    Why, you ask?

    Region. Locking. In both Open AND Friend Modes.

    Camelot messed the hell up on that one.

  2. @ Wakko13375:

    You’re right about Kid Icarus. 🙂

    “…nobody is ever on (Mario Tennis Open online) except for idiots.”

    Nonsense! Why, I’ve been online every night, and…

  3. LOL! Now now Richard, you admitted it, not me 😛
    I was initially talking about how empty MH’s online is, but I guess I do see now how I kind of connected that into Mario Tennis’ online as well.

  4. Ah! Got it!

    One thing does worry me a bit about this title: it depends so heavily on the online play remaining active. Right now it’s great fun, because everyone’s unlocking stuff and trying the different items and showing off their Pink Yoshi and Red Yoshi and Plaid Yoshi and Zombie Yoshi…

    I hope people keep playing once they’ve bought all the items and unlocked most of the costumes. Right now I love the fact that you can turn on the game and within 30 seconds be playing someone online. If it ever drops to the point where I’m waiting five minutes for a match…that’d be the end of the game for me.

    Nintendo/Camelot would be very wise to drop some new DLC content into this game every now and then…

  5. @ Richard

    I wonder if they have any more QR Codes in reserve. I know you can also get yellow, light blue, black, and white Yoshis, but I wonder if they have any for item sets.

  6. @Stan
    There’s going to be a Metal Mario QR code eventually.

  7. ok guys help me out,
    should I get Kid Icarus or Mario tennis?
    The thing is Mario golf advance is my favorite game of all times and I was reaaally looking forward to Mario tennis but the reviews i’ve seen have been terrible.
    And also, is there another 3ds game I should be looking forward to?

  8. If you can only afford one, get Kid Icarus. Mario Tennis is way better than the reviews give it credit for, though.

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  10. I’ve really been liking how simple it is to hop in to an online match in MTO. I also really love the victory medals. It’s sort of like taking the head of an animal that you’ve hunted and mounting it above the fireplace….except not quite as violent. :B

    I also really like the StreetPass feature from what little I experienced of it. I hope to get many more StreetPasses!

    And, in general, this game is just so much fun to just pick up and play. Love is much, much more than Power Tennis. Great game!

  11. @ CAlamara:

    Mario Tennis Open is a great pick-up-and-play game, particularly if you like playing as your Mii, unlocking Mii costumes and playing online. I highly recommend it. Most reviews have been weirdly harsh — it’s much better than they’re saying.

    Kid Icarus Uprising, however, is one of the best games Nintendo’s ever released…on any console, handheld or not. You do get a lot more bang for your buck out of that one. Like Wakko1337 said, if you can only get one, get Kid Icarus.

    The next games I’m looking forward to for 3DS are Kingdom Hearts 3D and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. Hopefully, E3 will give us more info about release dates for Luigi’s Mansion 2, New Super Mario Brothers 3DS, and Animal Crossing.

  12. @Richard maybe I’ll get both.. though id rather save for Luigi’s Mansion! Animal crossing for the DS was a dissapointment so I don’t know about that one

  13. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I haven’t had a single laggy game as of yet. I’ve only played 20 or so games, but I have to say, it has been decidedly non-Smash Bros. in it’s ‘quality’ of lag.

    Now watch, now that I post this I will get nothing but lag lag lag. That just seems to be how the universe works.

  14. ^ But the minute you start complaining about how laggy your matches are Eugene, they’re just going to get even laggier. This is also how the universe works.

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