Poll – First Nintendo handheld that you owned?

Sounds like a lot of you have been very enthusiastic about the 3DS, but we’re curious …



  1. I won a gameboy color in a mario kart 64 tournament, but sold it quickly.

    The first I ever bought was a DS. It was (and still is) perfect for long flights. I love the variety of software too. Mario to Spanish refreshers to guitar simulations. Fantastic.

    And if I ever end up in the air much again, I’ll be buying the 3DS. I just bought Star Fox 64 off amazon in anticipation of star fox 3d (and hauled out the ol N64 to play a few rounds of FIA 98 with my roommate).

    So I can see myself picking up a 3DS eventually, but not right now.

  2. Ah, my old see-thru purple GBC. I actually opened it up a couple days ago after neglecting it since the GBA came out, and the batteries were still good.

    Says a lot about the 3DS battery, eh? =P

  3. Donkey kong G&W the original DS

  4. GBA SP was my first “real” handheld. I used have little handheld that played only one game, some UFO game from Radio Shack.

  5. Had a few Game & Watches in the 80s. Toys R Us used to sell em. The blue super mario bros was my fav.

  6. I got my Gameboy color in kindergarten… Still can’t figure out how I played pokemon at that age.

  7. I was a Game Gear guy; I bought it just so I could import Mappy, and had the adaptor that let you play Master System games (which I borrowed from a friend whose kids didn’t use their MS anymore, and by the time he asked for them several years later, I’d moved a couple times and they’d gotten lost. Sorry, man, wherever you are…) and played it like crazy until I got tired of putting in a new set of AAs basically every day.

    But I bought a Game Boy Color around the time my oldest niece was of an age to appreciate video games, and when she liked it, I bought her one. I did the same with the GBA, and bought the DS for both of my nieces, and really got into hacking, installing the homebrew SDKs, writing crappy little test programs and running Linux on the DS, and ended up buying about 30 GBA games and 50 DS games as well, compared to maybe 15-20 GBC games.

    I just bought a 3DS for the younger niece as the older one is over video games; I haven’t bought one for myself yet, and while I’ll probably still get it for Zelda, Nintendo is over the top trying to keep me from running my own code on my own hardware to the point of threatening to brick it. I probably won’t have it for long if I can’t root it, and after that, I think having a couple of Android devices will probably give me all the portable gaming (and hackability) I need.

    I know you didn’t ask what we expect our last Nintendo handheld to be, but there it is.

  8. I got a Game Boy old-gray-brick for Christmas in 1992 (I think); Don’t know how many hours I spent playing Metroid II. Still have both in working condition.

  9. Got the original GB with Tetris. That was pretty much all I needed for like 6 months.

  10. My father went to Desert Storm. While there, he bought a Gameboy. When he came home, my brother and I fought over it constantly, so our parents bought us each one (so this was mid-to-late ’91). I had Super Mario Land and Mega Man (II…?? Don’t remember….) along with Tetris. Later, got Castlevania.

    Side note: That Game and Watch scares me and stuns me. It is not possible to look at that and NOT say “OMG, it’s the firt DS!!!”

  11. My mom gave me an Octopus G&W when I was about 3, I still have it somewhere.

  12. my first was the gameboy pocket. got it for christmas along with tetris blast and link’s awakening.

  13. My first handheld was a Lifeboat G&W, the parallel dual screens were pretty cool. I remember b-mode, where you had only one life boat, was extremely hard 🙂

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  15. game boy color for me i previously avoided the game boy line because of the lack of color which prompted me a little nintendo fanboy since nes to go with the game gear over the old green screen monster

  16. Got the GBA SP and the adapter just so I could use the Tingle Tuner.

  17. I completely missed the gameboy train even though most of my friends had one. I got a DS phat and cracked into portable gaming systems. It wasn’t until I got my DS lite that I trully appreciated the DS though.

  18. Whoops. Hit send too soon. As I was going to say, it was the first game related item (and one of the first of any kind) I ever bought for myself with my own money. 1995’s birthday money went to a good cause.

  19. Game Boy Advance SP, in Blue. Got it around 2002. It was made of Awesome.

  20. I’m in my 30’s, have owned every big “N” console except the N64 (I was in college, my roommate had one). The 3DS is my first handheld console! I have played a few friends’ gameboys in the past, but never owned a handheld.
    So far, I am in love with my 3DS, and think that in the future I am a handheld gamer. It is so much more convenient to play for a few minutes on a DS than a console hooked up to the TV.

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