New Zelda 3DS To Feature Both A Light And Dark World

Zelda Wall

The Legend of Zelda 3DS is already at the top of my “must have” list.  Being a lover of the classics, this game is bound to feed my nostalgia, yet give me something new and fresh.  The top down game play looks fantastic, and the few new features that have been hinted at look just as fabulous.  But just how true to the original will it be?

In an interview with CNET, Eiji Aonuma shared some information about the Light and Dark World, below is a peek at the CNET article:

But why A Link to the Past? Why not create a new world for Link to explore? Aonuma says that the 3DS has allowed for the revisiting of a top-down world and provided new ways for the player to interact with a Zelda game. It was the perfect chance to reopen A Link to the Past. And like some other Zelda games in the past, the 3DS sequel will alternate between a light and dark world.

Another feature that has me intrigued is the idea of Link becoming a drawing to traverse along walls and other obstacles.  It seems kind of odd, yet seems natural from what I have seen.  But where does this power come from?    Well, in Ocarina of Time, Phantom Gannon had a similar power when he would jump into a painting on the wall of the Forest Temple.  So, Aonuma though, “What if Link could have the same power?”

Aonuma also hinted that the 3DS’s 3D capability will play a huge role in the new game.  There were no hints as to what exactly that meant, but it has me intrigued.  I am sure we will hear quite a bit of news about this game from now until it officially launches, and I welcome all of it.

Nintendo, if you need anyone to “beta test” Zelda 3DS, shoot me an email and I will devote a good chunk of time to the task!


Lego Breaking Bad?  I am throwing my money at the screen, but it won’t accept my pennies!

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