Miyamoto’s 3DS Super Mario Bros. title will be out “ASAP”

Has infamously pro-3D Shigeru Miyamoto (as in Mario 64, not silly glasses) finally come around on the resurgent 2D platformer?

Perhaps he has, if recent Iwata Asks interview answers are any indication.

“In the interests of adopting new technology for the Super Mario Bros. tradition, I am now making a new Super Mario Bros. game for the Nintendo 3DS,” he said, adding that he wants the game to be released “as soon as possible.”

This is no surprise. These games are sure things, and they’re awesome fun to boot. Mario Galaxy titles? Sure, those are successful too, but not quite at the level of classic 2D side-scrolling.

To Miyamoto I say, “welcome back old friend!” The water is great, and 2D games, properly made, are fantastically fun things. Make more of them.


  1. I’d caution that Nintendo pumping out 2D Mario may not produce the same results as previous titles. You can have a glut of 2D sidescrollers just as you can have a glut of anything. This is why they went out of fashion to begin with around 1998. They were just too poor for too long on the PSX and such. When 2006 rolled around (and after several good 2D sidescrollers previously) NSMB just sparked a new appreciation for 2D. But it was that GAP between them that created the fondness and drive to buy, not NSMB itself. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all.

    I’d recommend one NSMB title and that’s it. Then work on destroying the 2D Mario empire before it destroys Nintendo.

  2. Oh boy! I bet this will be the pack in game.

  3. A “New Super Mario Bros.” game?
    Or is it a new “Super Mario Bros.” game?

  4. New New Super Mario Bros?

    (Another SMB sounds great. It’s the second best way to spend a flight. The first is Delta’s trivia game against other passengers)

  5. About time Miyamoto has come to his senses — he should have NEVER abandoned the 2D side-scroller from the begining — just expanded on the worlds and characters. You can see it in the sales numbers – the 2D mario games outsell the 3D mario games by a long shot.

  6. I love 2D Mario. Glad to know I won’t be waiting over 10 years until I get another one. 😛

    But seriously, I’m really excited. SMB1 is what brought me into video games, and I absolutely loved NSMBWii. Bring it on, Miyamoto.

  7. Oh great another rehash. Miyamoto is now convinced that nostalgia and laziness pays off more then creativity and hard work.

  8. Tipycly nintendo, cheap as always, just cutting the corners for a fast buck, how about a mario galaxy for the 3ds nintendo, how about that? 3ds can handle it can it? i think now you can’t go blaming the hardwer for standing in your way of creativity, i think we can all agree that we are bored with side scroller mario games just a new sequal = new levels. And people stop encouriging them for some lame ports and remakes, we wont bloody new games! if you have trouble dealing with nostalgia go and see a vet! by the way why are all the 3ds remakes from n64??? come on lazy nintendo dont wory your not gonna die if you spend some more time working on a new game..

  9. it is funny how those people are calling Nintendo lazy for creating another 2d side scroller – get real, SMB is what a video game is all about – I guess you all got spoiled on that FPS garbage to recognize classic video games when you see one. Pure challenge and fun without any filler.

  10. lyn, classic is something that achieved greatness over time! not a remade remake of a remake of a remake, etc a cheap fast cash in factory, yes nintendo is cheap and lazy, extremely lazy, im not buying a 3ds to play sidescrollers, im not buying 3ds to be a sheep and let nintendo milk once more on a prehistoric black and white mario game after 20 years! no ones that desperate and requesting it so much as they try to portrait it in the media, it’s just an over pumped bubble!

  11. How are 2D Mario games lazy?

  12. El, because they are CHEAP to make thats why, its a prehistoric technology! its especially easy when you already have the engine done for it! just add new textures and make new obstacles… Man im so tired and bored talking with unintelligent people and explaining them everything like they lived all their life on a tree, just be a sheep rush to the shop, preorder none of my business, i know where i stand.

  13. This cash in factory that cranks out the 2D Mario seems pretty slow. 16 years between Mario World and NSMB. 3.5 years between NSMB and NSMB Wii. Must need a tuning.

  14. Hmm, nty — you mention they are cheap and it is prehistoric technology. No TRUE intelligent gamer would say that. You mention the engine – engine smegine. SMB is the way GAMES are supposed to be – pure fun and entertainment with REPLAYABILITY. People bitch about Nintendo not having a good online system but I will tell you this – most, if not all of the Call of Duty’s, Halo’s, Gears, Dead Space, etc would be collecting dust if not for the online component. Whereas, the classic Nintendo games are played over and over….These FPS games are made more for the online REPETITIVE gameplay (yea, they have different maps, guns, etc) but it is the same shit wrapped in different packaging that people fall for again and again. Classics stand the test of time – tell me, have classic games like Chess, Backgammon, Scrabble, Poker, etc changed over time – NO, they did not need to…….engine…

  15. New Super Mario World would be perfect i think. However it can still be simply “NSMB 3D” or something, but i dont think we just need a new bros game similar to the other 2.

  16. Is there any concrete statement from Miyamoto that this new Super Mario Bros. game will be confined to side-scrolling? He spent so much energy during the announcement of the 3DS about how the 3D tech would make Mario platforming in 3D so much better. I’m getting a little itching feeling that there will be something in this upcoming game regarding that. Maybe it will still be a side-scroller, but they may play with foreground background not unlike DKCR.

  17. Would be cool if it’s different from the Wii and DS version of the 2D Mario games. As we already got 2 2D Mario games not too long ago, and I really don’t know if 3D Mario game would work on a handle well. So I am going leave this up to Nintendo to make me want to buy a Mario game on the 3DS.

  18. I hope it will be comparable to SMW and SMB3!

  19. The NSMB series is good except last time we couldn’t bring Yoshi to different levels which felt like a tease to me. I couldn’t accept it as a real return, instead I took it as a level type. Just saying that how I felt about it.

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